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Reebok’s TOY STORY 4 Sneakers Celebrate Woody and Buzz

They didn’t get off on the right foot, but Woody has had a friend in Buzz for a long time, and vice versa. Together they’ve survived a demented child, an amoral collector, an evil bear sending them to a killer furnace, and more on the way to their fourth feature length adventure together, Toy Story 4. Now with the latest film in the franchise in theaters, you can celebrate your love for the iconic duo with a pair of mismatched sneakers designed in each characters’ iconic look.

Reebok has teamed up with Pixar and BAIT to create this custom pair of their Instapump Fury sneakers (which we came across at Hypebeast) that won’t ask you to pick your favorite between the two stalwarts of the Toy Story franchise. The left foot comes adorned in Buzz’s purple and green color scheme, with a purple interior and a green heel tag with “SR” for “Space Rangers,” which is also on the shoe’s tongue. There’s also a red Instapump button at the top of the shoe (which may or may not shoot a laser beam, we’re not sure), with black and yellow hazard stripes, as well as the name “LIGHTYEAR” on the side.

The right sneaker features a Woody motif. It comes with a black and white cow-pattern on the side, on top of a blue denim and yellow base. There’s also a red tongue tab and heel pull that have mid-western dragonfly design that is based on Woody’s neckerchief.

There’s no listed price for the sneakers as of this writing, but other Instapump Fury models sell at Reebok from anywhere between $159.99 and $200. However, these will only be available as a limited run, which will make them collector’s items, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they come with an even higher price tag.

You might not be able to put a price tag on a friendship like the one Buzz and Woody have, but you can put a price tag on sneakers.

Images: Reebok/BAIT

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