This TOY STORY 4 Deluxe Pinball Can Be Yours

Back in the day, every cool movie, TV show, and cartoon had its own kickass pinball game at the arcade. And although it’s been decades since pinball was the most popular arcade-style game, they do still make them. And the latest game from Jersey Jack Pinball brings Toy Story 4 to life, in a deluxe game with Buzz, Woody, and newer favorites like Forky. You can check out images and a video of this new Toy Story 4 pinball machine right here:

The Toy Story 4 Pinball games come with exclusive limited edition art by John Youssi. along with Imagination Blue Powder Coated Armor. It also has an individually numbered plaque, limited to 5,000 units. There’s custom voice narration by Tim Allen, reprising his iconic role as Buzz Lightyear.

Inside the Toy Story 4 pinball game.
Jersey Jack Pinball

The pinball machine also has a 27″ Backbox LCD Display, with scenes from the movie. It also includes a 10″ LCD Playfield Display, a stereo system with subwoofer, and 300 individually controlled RGB LEDs. You can pre-order the regular edition here for $12,000.00.

The Duke Caboom ramp from the Toy Story 4 pinball game.
Jersey Jack Pinball

Duke Caboom shows up in this pinball game too of course with a stunt ramp. Other direct nods to the film include a Gabby Gabby Pop-Up Mech, and a Second Chance Antique Store Mystery Scoop. Not to mention, there are 5 Forky targets, 4 Buzz Buzz Pop Bumpers, and 2 Woody and Bo Peep spinners. And no Toy Story game would be complete without the inclusion of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Those are just the rules.

Toy Story 4 deluxe pinball game from Jersey Jack Pinball.
Jersey Jack Pinball

The even more deluxe Collector’s Edition comes in Carnival Red Powder Chrome Armor, limited to only 1,000 Units. It has a Pixar Luxo Ball shooter knob, and exclusive artwork with sparkle accents. In addition, there is a fiber-optic fireworks topper with flying Duke Caboom mech, and an additional custom speech by Annie Potts (Bo Peep). The Deluxe Collector’s Edition Toy Story 4 pinball machine is currently sold out. But who knows, they may make more if there’s demand. To see more, head on over to the Jersey Jack official site.

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