This Smart Oven Takes Home Delivery Meals Into the Future

Food delivery has become a modern fact-of-life in the 21st century, but especially now in this shelter-at-home times. In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge uptick in the popularity of prepared meal delivery services. These services deliver all the ingredients needed to create a specific meal right to your home, and for those of us who are too busy to cook (or just can’t cook to save their life) these services are a godsend.

But thanks to a report from Boing Boing, we’ve learned of a service that takes that idea and propels it to the next level. Tovala does more than just send you the ingredients you’d need to make your meal of choice. They have also made a smart oven that actually knows what you’re preparing with just a quick scan, and cooks it just the way you want it. And it’s all done in a matter of minutes. This is straight up Star Trek level stuff here folks.

Once you’ve got the WiFi-connected smart oven in place, all you’ve got to do from that point forward is just press the button on the Tovala, scan the recipe card’s QR code which comes under the oven’s built-in scanner, and the Tovala has all the cooking instructions it needs locked in. In under 20 minutes or less, your meal is then ready to go. This smart oven comes preloaded with over 650 Scan-to-Cook household name brands. So if you want to have a couple of cinnamon Pop Tarts in the morning, just scan the package, and the oven will know exactly how long it needs to heat them.

This over would usually set you back almost $350, but with a special meal delivery voucher, you can get the entire package for only $232.99. Any there’s not time like the present to futurize your food.

Featured Image: Tovala

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