Custom Horror Movie Themed Pop-Tarts are Bloody Marvelous

In the past, we’ve seen Star Wars themed Pop-Tarts, Spider-Man Pop-Tarts, and even Hello Kitty “meow-berry” Pop-Tarts (as you might have guessed, they’re pink). Basically, if you’re a fan of G-rated or PG-rated material, then the Kellogg corporation has you covered. But what if your favorite pop culture icons are the bloodier, scarier, and more R-rated variety? What if your personal Hello Kitty is actually Freddy Krueger?

Unfortunately, the Kellogg company isn’t really all that interested in going after the horror fan demographic, but lucky for us, graphic designer Newt Cloninger-Clements has given scary movie fanatics the breakfast toaster pastries we’ve always dreamed of. Or, at the very least, the image of what they could have looked like if we lived in a world where it’s Halloween all year round. And if the artist’s name sounds familiar, it’s because Newt Cloninger-Clements is the same talented graphic designer who gave us those groovy custom horror movie Happy Meals last year.Among his series of custom Pop-Tart images featuring the great horror movie icons, Cloninger-Clements has covered the biggest of the scary movie greats, like Pinhead, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, and several more. The great white shark from Jaws is here, as is poor possessed little Regan from The Exorcist. More modern horror is represented with Jigsaw from the Saw movies, and current TV favorites like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

You can check out the entire collection of horror movie Pop-Tart images down below in our gallery. And be sure to check out new additions to Cloninger-Clements’ collection by following him on Twitter or checking out his Pinterest page.

Which horror movie monster should get the Pop-Tart treatment next? Chime in with your suggestions in the comments below.

Images: Newt Cloninger-Clements

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