TOTALLY ACCURATE BATTLE SIMULATOR Is Indeed Totally Accurate and Totally Hilarious

We’ve been talking a lot about Pokémon Go lately, but the team at Landfall Games have a bit of a dark horse up their sleeve. Forget about catching ’em all, because it is now the age of the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. As you can see from the video, the physics—while pretty accurate—make the game nothing short of hilarious.

This simulator is brilliant in its simplicity. Take a blue team of human-adjacent characters and a red team of human-adjacent creatures, and hurl them into battle with one another. You can either have the opposing teams go at one another with just their fists (or stumps, really, since they don’t have actual hands), or equip them with weapons ranging from swords, shields, bow and arrow, and even cannons. Even better, you can also employ the use of battle- chickens to help you win the fight and be the very best. Finally, amirite?

Can we just take a moment to celebrate the Red Guy in the video above who came storming in with nothing but chickens and a jacket? I mean, nothing says fierce warrior like a soldier storming the battle field with a horde of chickens and wearing nothing but a brown jacket.

This outstanding game is still in development, but you can sign up to be a part of the alpha testing. From the sign-up site, it looks like the game will be available for Mac, PC, PS4, and XBox One, and Linux—something for just about everyone. Once you sign up, Landfall will send out builds to randomly selected testers once the alpha starts.

What do you think of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator? Are you going to sign up for the alpha? What do you hope to see in the game? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Featured Image: Landfall Games/Youtube

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