Tony Stark Suits Up in New IRON MAN 2 Mark V Hot Toys Figure

Iron Man 2 might not rank very high on the list of best MCU movies. But it still gave us one of the coolest scenes in franchise history. When Ivan Vanko announced his hatred for the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist during the Monaco Grand Prix. That led to Tony using the world’s most technologically advanced suitcase to fight him. Now that moment is getting an equally cool collectible, with Hot Toys new Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Mark V Suit Up 1/6 scale figure.

Hot Toys hyper realistic Tony Stark wearing part of his Mark V armor from Iron Man 2Hot Toys

Hot Toys is celebrating its 600th Movie Masterpiece collectible with one of its most realistic figures ever. This 12.2-inch “movie-accurate” Robert Downey Jr. recreation looks like official set photos. It certainly features all of the same items he needed during filming. The hand-painted figure comes with 30 points of articulation, with Tony, also sporting a nasty cut, wearing his personalized racing suit and black shoes. But those aren’t very helpful when fighting an enemy with electrified whips. Fortunately he also has his attachable Mark V suit. That includes a helmet, forearm armor, waist armor, thigh armor, and foot armor.

The battery-powered figure also boasts an LED-light up chest arc reactor, forearms, and a pair of hands with articulated fingers that also have light-up repulsors. There are also attachable armored elements with articulation “to simulate the suiting up process including.” That includes articulated chest armor, back armor, shoulder armors, upper arm armor, and calf armor. As well as three pairs of interchangeable gloved hands and a base with movie logo, character name plate, and graphic card.

A splash page showing the different accessories, details, and figure for Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Tony Stark Mark V figureHot Toys

If you want the most famous suitcase in Marvel history, though, you’ll need the Deluxe Version. It comes with an “ultra-detailed and movie-accurate Mark V suitcase (with articulated function). And an additional set of armor-assembling parts that can be attached to the case.

Both are available to pre-order now. The base figure runs $350, and the Deluxe Version is $405. Each starts shipping between July and September 2022. And if you want to recreate one of the coolest scenes in MCU history, Hot Toys’ Whiplash 1/6 scale figure is currently available for $285. All that’s missing now is a replica Formula 1 car. But you would probably need to be Tony Stark to afford that.

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