Tommy Wiseau Made a Crazy THE ROOM/MCU Mashup

There might be over seven and a half billion people on the planet at the moment, but we’re confident there’s no one else on Earth who is quite like Tommy Wiseau. There probably never has been either. Of course, we shouldn’t deal in such absolutes. We used to be positive there was nothing he could ever say or do that would surprise us. Ask us to help him audition for The Joker? Yup, that checked out. Play a creepy mortician in another movie with Greg Sestero? Honestly we should have thought of that.

Yet now, despite being totally confident he was incapable of ever making something so strange it would catch us off guard, he’s done exactly that. He combined his 2003 cult classic disaster The Room with the biggest franchise in the world, the MCU, in a totally bonkers crossover video that needs to be seen to be believed. No, really, this goes to a bizarre place we did not expect.

TOLD YOU. And if you’re going to tell us you could foresee that Marvel Studio’s The Room was going to be a musical, well then you’re either a liar or Doctor Strange.

This unexpected team-up with the Gregory Brothers and the YouTube channel PistolShrimps (that we first came across at The A.V. Club) honestly feels like it can’t be real, and yet it definitely is. It’s all too real. We know because Greg Sestero never mentioned anything about the Time Stone in The Room. This required some actual time with a camera.

Yet….it’s also kinda….good, right? This is actually pretty funny and bizarrely clever? Or is this so batshit crazy we’ve lost all objectivity? Who knows. Who knows anything anymore? Before we saw this video we never thought Tommy Wiseau could make something so weird it would surprise us, and yet here we are.

Though we are still confident about one thing: there really is no one else like him on the planet.

Featured Image: Marvel/Tommy Wiseau

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