Tom Holland is Tossed Around in UNCHARTED Stunts Featurette

A big screen  Uncharted adaptation has been in the works for so long it’s hard to believe one is actually coming to theaters. But as far as we can tell it truly will on February 18. If not then Sony Pictures and Tom Holland went to a whole lot of trouble to trick us. Because a new featurette for the film shows how much time went into shooting the movie’s biggest stunt with Tom Holland. It’s a lengthy sequence that involved throwing its star all up, down, and all around the studio.

Sony has provided fans a behind-the-scenes look at a massive stunt teased in Uncharted‘s trailer. It involves Holland’s Nathan Drake trying to avoid a fatal fall from a plane by running up a series of connected cargo boxes. While the shoot did not involve an actual plane, it did involve a whole lot of effort. This one sequence, combining blue screen and practical props, took five weeks to shoot. It also meant stringing its leading man as much as 100 feet in the air.

This really was a taxing experience. Holland calls it “the hardest action sequence” he’s ever made. That’s really saying something for an actor who plays Spider-Man in the MCU. A job that involved starring in Avengers: Endgame, which has one of cinema’s most sprawling and epic battle scenes ever. Of course, his fight with the Mad Titan didn’t involve a car running him over.

Tom Holland on a cargo box against a blue screen as a camera films in for Uncharted
Sony Pictures

As much fun as it will be to see the full scope of this elevated escape, it won’t be the movie’s only big sequence. Tom Holland says the film features “stunts far bigger than anything” he’s done previously. And we very much doubt he and Sony would go to that much trouble to convince us an imaginary movie is really coming out.

But after waiting this long we’ll need to see it to truly believe it.

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