Watch Fake Tom Cruise Run… For President

sIt seems everyone and their cousin George is running for President of the United States in 2020. Although the sheer amount of potential candidates for occupying the Oval Office is daunting, we have just one more suggestion for you. It’s time for Hollywood icon Tom Cruise to make a run for the White House. After all, no one in film history runs quite like Tom Cruise, do they?

In this hilarious short video by filmmaker Stephen Vitale and actor Miles Fisher (via Geeks are Sexy), we witness as Tom quite literally runs for the highest office in the land, and lists all the reasons why he should be our next Commander In Chief.

Miles Fisher’s impersonation of Cruise is dead on, and it only helps that from certain angles he really does like the Mission Impossible star. The funny thing is, as “Tom Cruise” lists his string of credentials for why he’s the right person for the job…I suddenly almost want to vote for the real Cruise by the end of it. I mean, fighter pilot, race car driver, alien fighter, lawyer, vampire, samurai, secret agent….what hasn’t Tom Cruise played at this point? Oh yeah, superhero! But he was almost Iron Man once, so we’ll just count that one too. Besides, he’ll probably wind up in tights one day. It’s kind of inevitable at this point.

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So everyone, lets get #RunTomRun trending. And who knows? It might inspire the real Tom Cruise to hang up the whole acting thing and decide to take on the one role he hasn’t yet. He’s already been the biggest movie star on the planet for over three decades now. And many say he’s the last true movie star left. Although, Will Smith might have something to say about that. Wait… how do we all feel about President Smith??

Image: Miles Fisher

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