Tom Brady Stars as Thanos in INFINITY WAR Parody

This year Tom Brady will play for (another) record-setting title, which would give him six championship rings. The New England Patriots’ two decades of dominance and third straight appearance in the big game has not exactly endeared them to most football fans (but it has for this one, GO PATS!). Sustained excellence has made Tom Terrific the NFL’s big bad who must be defeated at all costs. And as a great new animated parody proves, he’s a lot like football’s Thanos, the unstoppable force in Avengers: Infinity War, who needed six infinity stones.

Tom Brady is the Mad Titan (Mad New Englander?) in the latest episode of Bleacher Report’s animated series Gridiron Heights. It will appeal to both Marvel lovers for its Infinity War parody, and also to football diehards, thanks to a plethora of inside jokes about players and coaches.

If you aren’t a football fan, trust me when I say the joke about the time stone and Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid, who is notorious for mismanaging the clock during games, is truly inspired. However, everyone in St. Louis knows Rams owner Stan Kroenke (playing Eitri here) is absolutely a super villain and not a good guy.

But the best part is how this presents Tom Brady and the Patriots as the worst bad guys in the entire universe, ruthless killers who will do anything to win. What? You think as a Patriots fan that upsets me? Please, I love this video. Last I checked, Thanos got his sixth stone and won.

This isn’t an Endgame parody.

Featured Image: Bleacher Report

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