INFINITY WAR Tribute Video Remembers All The Avengers’ Sacrifices

The Avengers might be strong and they might be brave, but as a haunting and beautiful fan tribute video shows, there’s something else that makes them Earth’s mightiest heroes. They have sacrificed everything to protect the universe, something they have in common with their greatest enemy.

The latest video from one of our favorite YouTube channels, The Garo Studios, pays homage to the people the Avengers have lost along the way. Long before Thanos, who knows what it means to sacrifice the ones he loves to do what he thinks is right, turned half of the universe to dust, the Avengers knew what it meant to lose what they care about the most. That’s what makes them heroes–not that they do what’s right when it is easy, or even that they do what’s right when it is hard, but that they continue to do what’s right long after others would have lost their will to fight.

Oh no. Oh no it it still way too soon after the Snapture for that.

If you’re thinking that’s one of the best fan videos you’ve ever seen you’re not alone, because it also caught the attention of Infinity War‘s directors, the Russo brothers, who tweeted it out.

Beyond how perfectly done this is, there’s a reason it might have appealed to the Russos. On the Infinity War Blu-ray commentary track, they talked about how lots of heroes are willing to give their own lives, but the far more difficult and nearly impossible decision many of them are asked to make is to give up the life of someone else, like with Wanda and Vision.

Because there are some sacrifices only the mightiest heroes can make.

Be honest, did this make you cry? Tell us in the comments section below which part you found saddest.

Featured Image: Marvel

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