Tobey Maguire’s Beat Up Spider-Man Gets a Realistic Bust

When Spider-Man: No Way Home finally comes out, we’ll finally have the answer as to whether or not Tobey Maguire returns as the OG cinematic wallcrawler. Of course, each cinematic Spidey has a trait unique to them, and one thing that made Tobey’s version stand out from his successors is just how often his mask got torn to shreds in battle. Which, of course, revealed his actual face underneath.

And now, YouTube’s most preeminent sculptor, Steven Richter, has created an amazing bust of Tobey’s Spider-Man. And it looks very much how Maguire did at the end battle of the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man. You can watch a full time-lapse video of this sculpt’s creation right here:

The bust is instantly recognizable as Tobey Maguire’s version of Peter Parker. And Richter left no detail forgotten. You can see that the costume has a fabric that resembles the one used as Spidey’s outfit in the 2002 movie. The one that included all the raised webbing. The Spider-Man bust also has all the cuts and bruising that happened to Peter after his fight with the Green Goblin. And later, Doc Ock and the rest of the Raimi-era bad guys. They always banged Peter up in those movies pretty hard, didn’t they?

Applying the mask on the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man sculpt.
Steven Richter

This isn’t the only Spider-Man sculpt that Richter has created for his channel lately. Recently, he created an incredible Doctor Octopus sculpt. Before that, there was an amazing Carnage bust, showing the symbiote violently leaving Cletus Kasady’s body. And there’s even a Mysterio bust. Tom Holland’s Spidey gets his own sculpt of course, along with Venom. Now, here’s hoping we get an Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man sculpt of some kind. It seems like he’s due for some love too, isn’t he? And definitely, Miles Morales is deserving of some attention too. Somehow, we have a feeling we’ll see both very soon.

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