7 DC Heroes Perfect for TV’s TITANS Series

It was recently announced that actor Ryan Potter was cast as Beast Boy in the upcoming Titans television series, rounding out the principal main cast. The starting team line-up of the show, which is coming in 2018 to DC Comics’ upcoming streaming service, will be Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Hawk and Dove.

However, over the years the Teen Titans have had a pretty large cast of characters, and we hear that initial line-up of heroes is just the beginning, as more Titans from the comics are set to join over the course of the series. Here’s other members of the team we think deserve a chance at live-action glory, along with we think they are essential member of the team.

Donna Troy/Wonder Girl

We’ve written before how almost all DC Comics media has largely ignored the character of Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl. We think this new Titans show is the perfect opportunity to rectify this situation, and finally shine a spotlight on Wonder Woman’s adopted kid sister.

Donna has always been a crucial component of the Titans, because with her two best friends on the team, she creates a perfect balance in the character spectrum between the hyper emotional Starfire and the emotionally suppressed Raven. She also opens the door to stories involving Greek mythology, which could be very cool indeed.

Victor Stone/Cyborg

Cyborg was introduced in the pages of the New Teen Titans, and although he’s now a member of the Justice League in both the comics and the upcoming movie, he still has strong Titans connections (just ask any kid who watches Teen Titans Go!) If there can be separate two versions of major characters like the Flash and Superman for TV and movies, then why not Cyborg? He’s the Titan’s lead tech character, and also his friendship with Beast Boy is one of the core emotional touchstones of the comics.

Wally West/Kid Flash

Although the Titans series will supposedly be set on its own unique Earth and not the one shared by most of the DC CW shows, there is no reason why characters from the so-called Arrowverse couldn’t show up. After all, Supergirl is on the CW as well, and is on her own Earth, and she still crosses over with Flash and Arrow all the time.

And right now, Wally West/Kid Flash as a character is a bit superfluous as on The Flash. Central City really doesn’t need two speedsters, and actor Kieynan Londsdale doesn’t need to be playing a sidekick anymore. But Kid Flash is an important Titan, and moving shows would finally get the character out of Barry’s shadow. I say he crosses dimensions and joins up with the Titans ASAP.

Conner Kent/Superboy

In the comics, the Conner Kent/Kon-El iteration of Superboy is currently MIA, although there have been strong hints lately that he is coming back. The fan favorite hero, who is a young clone of Superman, with some Lex Luthor DNA mixed in, was a cornerstone of the Geoff Johns run on Teen Titans, and one his favorite characters. The character also has a large fanbase due to his animated appearances in the Young Justice animated series. Could we see him pop up in the Titans show? We certainly have our fingers crossed.

Tim Drake/Robin

Current rumors suggest that the new Titans series will chronicle former Robin Dick Grayson’s transition into the superhero Nightwing. But if Grayson was once Robin, who took over the role when he gave it up? How about Tim Drake, who in the comics was Robin #3. He has a long history with the Titans, and is the best friend and confidante of Superboy. I think most fans would love to see that friendship brought to live-action. Tim Drake is very likely to get ignored in the movie DC Universe, so we say give him a place to shine on TV.

Karen Beecher/Bumblebee

Originally introduced in a largely forgotten run of the Teen Titans from the ’70s, Karen Beecher was a tech genius who made herself a flying suit very similar to Marvel’s Wasp. She spent several decades basically in obscurity, until DC, realizing the character had potential (and also realizing they needed more ethnic diversity) brought her back in a new and improved version. Bumblebee is now a part of the comics Titans series and the DC Superhero Girls line. With her newfound popularity, DC should consider bringing her into the live-action series too.

Lilith Clay/Omen

Another character who was originally introduced in the ’70s run of the Teen Titans comic, Lilith Clay was a mysterious red head who has vaguely psychic powers, and didn’t feel the need to have a superhero codename or costume. She later became a recurring character in the New Teen Titans, eventually taking the name Omen. She is kind of redundant on a team that already has the supernaturally powered Raven on it, but for those times when Raven is not available, Lilith is a good substitute.

Which members of the Titans from the comics or the animated series would you like to see in live-action? Be sure to share you thoughts with us down below in the comments.

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