Verne Troyer Bought Himself a Tiny Toy Tesla for Christmas

Although it hasn’t been documented yet, there seems to be evidence for a “Verne Troyer” effect, where everything the actor and stuntman touches somehow becomes about ten times as awesome as it originally was. Case in point: Verne Troyer tooling around in a tiny toy Tesla. What seemed like an already neato car for kids becomes a miniature slice of The Fast and the Furious action with Troyer at the wheel.

CNET reported on Troyer’s acquisition of the tiny Tesla, which is a scaled-down duplicate of the popular full-sized, fully electric Model S. And if you think corners were cut just because this little car is for kids, then you don’t know Tesla.

The electric automaker — and energy production company — teamed up with Radio Flyer to make the mini Tesla, which boasts much of the signature designs of its full-sized family member. The mini Tesla, aimed at kids aged 3-8 years old, features working headlights, a working horn, forward/reverse gearing, a front trunk (frunk), an aux input for music players, and a FlightSpeed™ Lithium Ion battery that allows the little electric vehicle to reach top speeds of 6 miles per hour. Not exactly the 250+ miles per hour promised by Tesla’s forthcoming quarter-of-a-million-dollar halo sports car, but certainly not bad for the relatively modest $500 price tag.

As for Troyer’s experience with the vehicle, it seemed to be mostly positive after he managed to get the box into his garage, which as you can see in the video was a harrowing endeavor for the two-foot-tall actor. He then took some time to do a little (seemingly unintentional) drifting on the slick surface of his garage floor before taking the car out for a speedy spin around the block.

The day of spirited driving was ultimately capped off by Troyer flipping his camera crew the bird, which is to be expected as he claims that he enjoys “ridin’ dirty.” Luckily that doesn’t mean he and his tiny auto produce green house gas emissions.

What do you think about Troyer’s romp in this tiny toy Tesla? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Verne Troyer

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