This Storm Time-Lapse is Guaranteed to Blow You Away

Writer’s note: If you want to play the video in 8K, remember to switch it to 4320p and let it load first! Also, sound on if you want to maximize the feels with music. 

Usually when you hear about storms, you think about the devastation and fear they’ve caused. Or possibly the flying cows, if storms bring Twister to mind. But storms, like so many of nature’s wrathful weather events, have a beautiful side too. A stunningly gorgeous side, actually, as evidenced in this jaw-dropping 8K time-lapse video.

The video, which comes via Digg, was captured by California-based artist and storm chaser extraordinaire Ty Schmitt. To capture the storms in all their watery, windy, lightning-infused glory, Schmitt traveled over 30,000 miles over a period of three months across the Great Plains during the 2019 spring storm season. It’s not clear if Schmitt rigged up any kind of special storm-chasing vehicle, but according to some BTS pictures, it seems like he was just in a stock Toyota SUV.

It’s hard to pick out a favorite moment from the video because every shot is so beautiful. Whether it’s the wispy tails of tornadoes touching down, lightning whipcracking through clouds, or the morning Sun burning off mist left by heavy showers, every frame is indeed a work of art. One can only imagine what kind of deep spiritual experience it is to see all those storms up close and personal, especially considering the fact that Schmitt said on his Instagram that these storms are “some of the most unbelievable sights my eyes have seen.” Although to be fair, flying cows would be pretty unbelievable too.


What do you think of this incredible 8K storm footage? Does it make you want to go and chase some storms or just hide from Mama Nature in a bunker? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Ty Schmitt 

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