Thor’s Hammer Has Been Reborn as a Set of Tools

Thor: Ragnarok has proven to be a resilient box office hit, but Marvel’s Lord God of Thunder didn’t make it out of the film fully intact. Among other losses, Thor’s beloved hammer,  Mjölnir, was shattered in a scene that’s included in nearly every trailer for the film. But is this truly the end for Thor’s iconic weapon? “I say thee, nay!” We think that the hammer may return in the future, but in the meantime, ThinkGeek has memorialized Mjölnir with a new tool set. From the outside, ThinkGeek’s latest release is a pretty good recreation of Mjölnir, but when it unfolds, it reveals a 44-piece tool set. And we’re relatively sure that you don’t have to be deemed worthy by Odin to use them. There’s even a traditional hammer in the kit that features Mjölnir’s distinctive decoration on the handle. This hammer probably won’t return when you throw it, but it should be pretty handy to have around for any home repairs. The set also comes with a ratchet screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a tape measure, pliers, a folding knife, and more. It may be the geekiest tool box that we’ve ever seen, but that’s why we love it. In fact, it would almost be worth owning for the aesthetic value alone. ThinkGeek is currently accepting orders for the Thor Hammer Tool Set, which is going for $100. Odin’s enchantments are not included, but that just makes the hammer easier to lift!What do you think about ThinkGeek’s Thor-inspired tool set? Call down the thunder in the comment section below!

Images: ThinkGeek

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