Flying Thor’s Hammer Drone Tests Your ‘Worthiness’ To Wield It

Even though Chis Hemsworth may have recently said RIP to Mjolnir in a touching and hilarious video tribute, there are still plenty of real-life versions of the legendary hammer that exist in one form or another, like the real flying version of the beastly block of uru featured in the clip below. While it can’t help to lift you off the ground, it can most definitely test your worthiness to wield it — as well as your patience for flying a small, very aerodynamically challenged RC quadcopter.

YouTuber and engineer Allen Pan, who’s featured in the video, designed and built “Thor’s Hammer Drone” in celebration of Thor: Ragnarok as well as his first real-life version of Mjolnir, which used electromagnets to glue itself to metal surfaces and basically become “unliftable” to anybody but Pan. This new version focuses on Mjolnir’s indefatigable tendency to fly back to its rightful owner, using a drone-driven hammer and a remote control that can be stored in a backpack and worn like a glove.

Pan spoke with Nerdist regarding his reason for this specific take on Mjolnir, and said that “Almost exactly two years ago I made an ‘unliftable’ Thor’s hammer that started my whole Youtube career, so I thought it would be fitting to celebrate the anniversary by making another Mjolnir that sort of has the opposite property (very light vs. very heavy).”

Unlike Pan’s first Mjolnir, which had a movie prop-like casing as well as some real heft to it, this version is relatively unimposing with a thin, heavily perforated plastic shell surrounding a small quadcopter. The hammer drone is also apparently extremely difficult to pilot. Pan noted that “It’s very hard to control, but added that “when it does sort of do what you want it to it’s very satisfying. Maybe not heroic, but definitely satisfying.” Which means this may be the perfect hammer for Thor’s roommate, Darryl.

What do you think about this flying version of Thor’s hammer? Do you want to see Pan tackle the lightning aspect of Mjolnir next? Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Sufficiently Advanced

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