THOR: RAGNAROK’s Amazing SDCC Trailer Just Stole the Weekend

We still have to wait until November 3rd to find out where Thor: Ragnarok will end up ranking among the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we’re already ready to put it at the top of one list: the best freaking Marvel trailers we’ve ever seen. That’s because the latest look at the upcoming third Thor film might have just stolen the show at San Diego Comic-Con.We’re not kidding when we say we’ve been obsessed with the first trailer for the film ever since it was released, but we didn’t expect to get another one just as good, let alone better. But the hilarious, explosive trailer Marvel Studios released at its Hall H on Saturday somehow did just that. We almost don’t know where to begin, there’s just so much pure joy in this trailer. Can we interest you in gorgeous action shots? Cate Blanchett’s Hela squaring off against an army of Valkyries riding winged horses? The Hulk fighting the massive fire giant Surtur AND the mythical wolf Fenrir? How about an epic team up against one of the most compelling villains Marvel has ever produced? And we definitely can’t get enough of those buddy comedy scenes between Thor and Bruce Banner.And if all of that isn’t enough, the appearance of a conversational, funny-as-hell Hulk with a fresh new haircut is too much happiness for our brains to process.Even the new poster for the movie has us ready to enter the gladiator arena if it means getting to see this film right now. Thor: Ragnarok ends up being as good as its trailers it is going to end up as the best MCU movie too.What did you think of this trailer? We’re going to go watch it a million times more, but we’re also going to check out what you had to say about it in our comments section below, so tell us your thoughts.

Images: Marvel

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