This Young Musician Is Blowing Our Geeky Minds

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Fourteen year-old YouTuber 826aska love movies. The middle-school musician started learning the electric organ at the age of 8, inspired by her mother who also played. She enjoyed the ability to simulate a full orchestra so much that she decided to try her hand at recreating some of her favorite soundtracks. Brace yourself. At 0:43 there’s going to be some very big sound coming from this small girl.

Star Wars

Back To The Future

The Nightmare Before Christmas

My Neighbor Totoro

Pirates of the Caribbean

826aska hails from the Fukui Prefecture, just north of Kyoto, in Japan where she plays percussion in her school band in addition to her electric organ practice. She says she was always very shy, too shy to play in front of people, so her father thought it would be a good idea to have her post videos of her playing to help overcome her inhibitions. Prepping each piece until she feels comfortable enough to perform takes about two weeks. In fact, she’s claims to have never actually seen Star Wars, but she liked the music so much that she decided to try it out. The fan response was surprising, and inspires her to keep sharing new music.

If you’re into Japanese culture, then digging through her YouTube channel will produce some gems such as the theme from “ Space Battleship Yamamoto” and AKB48’s “ Flying Get,” and her most recent release Formula 1 theme “ Truth.”

Once you’re done wiping your brains off the floor, let us know which video is your favorite and what you hope to see 826aska perform next in the comments!

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