This Time-Lapse of a Spider Building Its Web is a Reminder of How Beautiful Nature is

Humans have a love-hate relationship with spiders. They’re creepy, have too many legs, and we don’t want them anywhere near us, but yet, if they’re off in the corner of a room trapping flies and eating them out of our lives, then they’re like our allies. And as much of a drag it may be to walk through an unseen spider web, let’s not forget that they really are amazing and beautiful structures.

You’ve probably seen a spider in a web, and perhaps even a spider working on building a web, but have you ever had the patience to stick around and watch the spider actually construct a web from start to finish? We doubt it, but the folks at BBC Earth did, and the resulting footage is hypnotizing ( via LaughingSquid).

First, the Orb spider builds a foundational bridge line across the top, then adds anchor points. Once the basic frame is in place, the spider takes a break, starts producing sticky “capture silk,” and lays that in place. That’s a grossly oversimplified breakdown of the process, which the video explains and illustrates in greater detail. It’s a truly fascinating process that shows the myriad ways the creatures on our planet get through their days and feed themselves.

Check out the video for yourself above, and let us know in the comments below what other “animal build” videos you’d like to see. Perhaps a beaver constructing its dam?

Featured image: BBC Earth/YouTube

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