This TARDIS Toilet Is Actually Bigger on the Inside

Every Whovian has, at some point, tried to work out a way to get a TARDIS in their home. Pinterest is full of clever ideas like painting fridge doors or creating a hidden room to make your at-home Gallifreyan spacecraft actually bigger on the inside. But for the owners of a steampunk-themed bar called The Way Station in Brooklyn, the bathroom seemed like the most obvious choice for a TARDIS. Whether you’re powdering your nose or traveling through time and relative dimensions in space, you’re covered!

The YouTube series Golden Thrones is dedicated to highlighting the best in public toilets–seriously–and recently hit up The Way Station to check out their Whovian restroom. Of course, having a TARDIS in the back of a New York bar isn’t necessarily a new thing. However, having one that is not only a functional feature to the building rather than decoration, and one that is actually bigger on the inside? That’s certainly not something you see every day.So maybe you can’t actually travel through time and space using The Way Station’s TARDIS, but the bar made sure that their restroom would delight any Whovian who stepped through its doors. In addition to its fun “bigger on the inside” feature, the TARDIS restroom also features a “starry” ceiling (because everyone wants to feel like they’re pooping under the stars, right?), and nods to Doctor Who featuring paintings of Four and his scarf, Weeping Angels, K-9, and a Dalek on the walls.

So why did this bathroom even come to pass? Out of necessity, really. No one likes it when they have to sit next to the restroom in a bar or restaurant. To mare the dreaded bathroom adjacent seating a bit less awful, the owners of The Way Station used the TARDIS to keep customers happy while also making the bar host to one of the coolest bathrooms ever.  As Andy Heidel, the proprietor of The Way Station puts it, the TARDIS bathroom was a “Bob Ross happy accident,” drawing in loads of nerd patrons including the likes of Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. For The Way Station, their unique bathroom is the perfect finishing touch on an already badass bar.

Have you ever visited The Way Station? Did you use the TARDIS bathroom? What other cool ways have you seen TARDISes incorporated with a business’s interior design? Tell us about it in the comments!

Featured image: sw77/ Flickr

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