This POKÉMON Parkour Video Shows Pikachu Chasing Down Team Skull

In a very roundabout way, Pokémon is sort of a parkour game. Beyond all the ledges your character is always climbing up and jumping off of, the battle scenes are full of acrobatics. This is part of why the series translates so well to this parkour video, which shows Pikachu chasing down Team Skull after they stole (or maybe just found, from the looks of it) a Pokémon egg in the forest ( via Mashable).

The clip features the talents of Calen Chan, who we recently saw film a POV video of him traversing the world’s longest parkour course. Since the video is inspired by Pokémon Sun and Moon, Chan took his Pikachu onesie and flew to Hawaii to film this one, since that’s the region that inspired the games.

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The thrilling chase goes from the forest to the beach to the city, all the while Pikachu and the Team Skull grunts do all sorts of flips and hurdles to navigate their environment as quickly as possible. Near the end of the clip, though, it looks like Pikachu takes a pretty nasty fall (and a behind-the-scenes video reveals it was totally an accident). The good news is that Chan commented on the video, “Yo guys, I’m ok now! This was back in February and I’ve been rehabbing my wrist. It took a few months but it’s almost at 100% now!”

Check out both clips above, and let us know what other video game characters should receive the parkour treatment!

Featured image: devinsupertramp/YouTube

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