This Nintendo Mash-Up Has 46 Different Melodies From Classic Games

Remember the music composer from Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo? Its fun layout featured icons of cats, dogs, babies, boats, and other objects taking the place of music notes, arranged on sheet music to play whatever song you could compose with them. That feature was enjoyed by so many that there are even third-party applications out there that recreate the composer as a stand-alone app.This video looks a good deal like the Mario Paint composer, although it’s not quite that, but a different beast entirely: Grant Woolard has created a single composition that features 46 melodies from across the Nintendo soundtracks, and it combines them all very nicely (via The Kids Should See This).

If you’re trying to identify the melodies, the visuals are helpful, since each note is represented by an icon of a character from the game that’s home to the melody. The video begins with a mix of the Pokémon Red and Blue Route 1 music and the Super Mario World theme, and a few seconds after that, the music from Choco Mountain in Mario Kart 64 works its way into the equation. The mix is both a nostalgia trip and something new; if you want to challenge yourself, try identifying them all. To check your answers (or to just get the info if you don’t feel like thinking too hard), compare your results to those of   this YouTube commenter, who was able to identify every last bit of music.What’s your favorite Nintendo composition of all time? Let us know down in the comments below!

Featured image: YouTube/ grantwoolard

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