This Haunted House for Your Cat Will Make Halloween More Fun for Both of You

Owning a cat essentially means having a living Halloween decoration all year long. But when October rolls around, what use does a cat have for a poorly carved pumpkin or mini Snickers bars? There’s no good way to help your kitty celebrate the spooky season without making them miserable with a little witch hat. Fortunately, there’s a new little something with Halloween flair our feline friends will actually enjoy. Introducing Target’s Double Decker Cat Scratch Haunted House.This two-door cardboard house features “a spooky graphic design on the exterior, complete with ghosts, broken boards, jack-o’-lanterns and creepy eyes in windows.” That last part is really more for our enjoyment, since our cats evidently don’t care about the super cool skeleton decorations we already have up. What every kitty will like though are the “corrugated scratch boards on the top and on the inside,” along with a “jingle ball on the inside” for them to play with.And yes, we are cat people who have spent way too much money on fancy cat beds, and fancy cat playhouses, and fancy cat everything only to be constantly reminded they just need a stupid, cheap cardboard box to be happy. But not only is this currently on sale at Target for $13.59 (normally $16.99), look at how awesome it looks with a cat on it!

To really explain how much this captures the spirit of our favorite holiday, we will paraphrase Nigel Tufnel: “It’s like, how much more Halloween can this be? And the answer is ‘none, none more Halloween.'”What’s your favorite animal Halloween product? Share it with us in the comments below.

Images: Target

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