This Foo Fighters Mash-Up Made the Band Say “F— Yes”

Historically, Foo Fighters haven’t really been a group to have their music remixed in any official capacity all that much; That’s generally reserved for pop and hip-hop artists. Still, they’ve been mashed-up by amateur producers a bunch of times over the years, and they don’t seem to mind that. In fact, when they caught wind of a new mash-up by DJ Cummerbund, they were so pleased by it that they shared it on Twitter with a simple but powerful message: “F-CK YES” ( via NME).

While the band has been mashed up with artists like Kings of Leon, Pink Floyd, Sia, and a whole bunch of others in the past, this time, the vocal track from Rick James’s “Superfreak” was laid atop the instrumental track of Foo Fighters’ “The Pretender,” and, as happens with successful mash-ups, it works out better than you’d probably expect.For a second, James actually sounds a bit like Dave Grohl until your brain can fully process that this isn’t “The Pretender” you’ve become familiar with. James’ repetition of “super freak, she’s a super freak” works very, very well over the chorus where Grohl originally growled out the hook, and for good measure, there are some snippets from Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin songs thrown in as well, because sure, why not?

In case you need your memory jogged, check out the two original songs below and pretend that you are a super freak.

Featured image: Nasty Little Man/Ringo

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