This Cubone Skull Proves 3D Printing is the Place to Be

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Over the last few years, 3D-printing has vastly expanded, quickly moving from a (rather expensive) way to print simple projects to useful (and relatively inexpensive) tool for researchers, medical professionals, and geeks alike. Just check out this awesome Cubone skull made by imgur user CoryMohillSmith:

The skull started its life as an adorable bright red 3D-printed project back in December 2015 before Cory did some craft-magic and made it completely fabulous. Cory used this plastic print-out as a base. By adding Plaster of Paris, they were able to give the project that off-white bone effect and make the structure more rigid. Here’s the project mid-plaster application.

Plaster of Paris can look pretty rough after setting, so it’s important to sand down the project to achieve the desired look. After “a lot” of sanding by Cory, this project was finally ready to be sealed and done!

The Cubone skull is completely awesome and we now want one large enough for us to wear. Cubone skull hats for everyone! That might be a little morbid, considering how a Cubone gets that skull…

This isn’t the first time 3D-printing has been used to print bones. Medical professionals are actually starting to use 3D-printed bone implants made from calcium phosphate, a primary component in bone, over titanium or other non-biological materials. Although these implants are artificially made, they’re still able to integrate with the surrounding bone much better than any non-biological implant ever could.

Obviously, 3D printing isn’t just utilized by medical professionals; geeks from all walks of life love to bring their concepts to life. Shapeways is a company that produces numerous 3D printed objects, including those of mathematical concepts, calling them “Mathematical Art.” Many of these projects are designs and mathematical representations that could not have been physically replicated without the use of a 3D-printer. The website has many beautiful designs for sale, but we’re really digging this Borromean Ring with a Seifert Surface.

On the pop culture side, you can find prints like this amazing Yoda bust from ColorFabb, or even fantastic armor, like the set that was created Melissa Ng for Felicia earlier this year.

So many awesome 3D-printed projects and so little time! Do you have a favorite 3D-printed project? Are you making a cosplay with 3D-printed parts? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo and Pixabay

Image Credit: Shapeways, ColorFabb, Geek & Sundry

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