This 2-Year-Old Came Up With The Most Adorable Pokemon Names

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We’ve all seen our fair share of Pokemon naming skills. There have been these hilarious lyrics:

Oh, and this sobering message:

But  This Imgur user decided to rename Pokemon with a completely different strategy–based on what their 2-year-old called them. And considering two-year-olds have a very limited vocabulary, it turned out way better than expected. Check out these adorable, newly-named Pokemon below.

Ignoring the grammatical errors, this one is pretty accurate. I have great faith in this toddler’s naming skills thus far. Seems like a logical approach.

Well, I had faith in their naming skills, but now I’m not sure. What exactly are “Keep Peas”? They do not sound or look appetizing.

Oh, but hey, this one looks fun. Did this kid have food on the brain when it came to naming Pokemon? The “um” really sells it.

Pretty much exactly the vibe a Meowth gives off. Like they’re completely okay with whatever you decide.

You’re not wrong, kid.

Metapods are like a visual trick. They look different depending on which way you look at them. So now that I look at it again, this is pretty accurate.

Never thought Magmar looked like a parrot until this very moment. But now, I totally see it and I’m terrified.

I don’t know what kinds of bunnies this kid has seen, but I’m a concerned citizen.

See? Even kids can join in the naming fun. Can’t wait for the next Pokemon naming trend to emerge.

What are the best Pokemon names you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments!

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All Images Credit: Imgur / june1920

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