These Sneakers Are The New “What Color Is This Dress?”

Those of us who lived through the near apocalypse known as the “ What Color is This Dress” phenomenon of 2015 remember how it nearly tore the internet apart. Some saw black and blue, others white and gold, but everyone saw red, as both sides were convinced the other was pulling an elaborate prank on them. It wasn’t a big ruse though, it was just a quirk of how our brains and eyes work differently and sometimes trick us, which is why some of us heard “yanny” and some of us heard “laurel.” Please don’t forget that, because there’s a new visual oddity that looks like two completely different colors depending on who is looking at it, and we don’t want it to destroy the world wide web. Because some of you will see this shoe as pink and white, and others will see it as gray and green.

We promise there is a real difference, even if you can only see one color scheme or the other. I see gray and teal, my better half sees pink and white. Though the longer I stare at it the more the gray starts to slowly transform into a pinkish hue, especially near the toe of the shoe. However, we’re not sure the accompanying explanation that this is a right-brain/left-brain issue, since that’s not actually a thing.

So why is this happening again? The great YouTube channel ASAPScience explained how things that are only one color can look totally different to us, back during the whole dress fiasco.

Our own Kyle Hill also showed how this happens with a easy-to-see example.

Still unconvinced?

Black and blue. White and gold. Gray and green. Pink and white ( which is what they are). It’s all just a matter of perspective.

No reason to see red over that.

Image: Vans

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