These Jet-Powered Ponies Are a Ride on the Wild Side

Warning: Once the Jet Ponies start, things get LOUD. 

We’ve all dreamt of riding Shadowfax or a Quidditch broom at one point or another, haven’t we? Now picture one of those fantasies, but with a lot more spare car parts, the sound of a swarm of locusts ascending from Hell, and blasts of flame from a jet engine rocketing you around in a tight circle with little to no safety equipment.Welcome, everyone, to the Jet Ponies:

The Jet Ponies, which needs to be an  NFL (or Quidditch) team ASAP, is the name given to a merry-go-round that was seemingly forged in the mind of the flame-throwing guitarist from Mad Max. Sploid reports this, surprisingly, is not the case, as the carousel that features a pair of pulse-jet-powered steel ponies is actually the brainchild of the Brooklyn-based art combine, Madagascar Institute.

According to Popular Mechanics, the Madagascar Institute, which “specializes in large-scale sculptures and rides, live performances, and guerilla art events,” created the Jet Ponies in 2010, out of “scrap and car parts,” as well as “two tanks of propane that fuel the jets attached to the back of each steed.”

The result, which looks a lot like a Colin Furze creation, is a ride that seems surprisingly subdued. Although it’s hard to predict what excitement level you may experience while actually on the carousel, considering the lax safety measures and the flaming horse between your thighs. Though it seems like if anybody’s in danger, it’s probably that guy starting up the ride. Let’s just say it’s a good thing he already doesn’t have any hair.

What do you think about these Jet Ponies? Would you ride one of these steeds into battle? Is this what a real-life Rapidash would look like? Let us know in the comments below!

Images:  Kina Smith/Vimeo

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