These Dog-Themed Tabletop Games Are Doggone Good

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Puppies can make just about anything better, including tabletop games for the whole family. From the dreamlike adventure of a dingo on a quest to kid-friendly dice and tile games, here are four picks for games anyone who likes doggies can enjoy. (Which is everyone.)

Dingo’s Dreams

This tile placement game is simple enough for the kids to learn to play, but fun enough for grownups to find it appealing as well. Each player chooses an animal from the Australian outback, including the titular dingo, and randomly lays out that animal’s dreamscape tiles on the table. Then the Dream Card is flipped over, showing the animal’s way home.

The goal of the game is to flip your tiles over to match the pattern shown on the Dream Card. Drawing a Walkabout Card flips the matching tile over, and then players are allowed to shift their tiles one space. Matching the pattern on the Dream Card earns victory points, and the first player to score the predetermined victory points wins.

2-4 Players, Ages 8+

Doggy Go!

If you like Kitty Paw, also from Renegade Game Studios, chances are Doggy Go! is going to be right up your alley. This dexterity tile game puts you in command of circus dogs who need your guidance with their acrobatic tricks.

With a variety of dog breeds from dachshund to corgis, it’s easy to get distracted by just how darn cute the tiles are. Move the tiles to match the pattern on the cards face up on the table, from breed to exact placement on the circus equipment, as quickly as possible.

1-4 Players, Ages 6+

Lucky Dogs Dice Game

Lucky Dogs is a cooperative dice game that has all players matching dice to the bone tiles laying on the table. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice. Any doubles are discarded, and the remaining dice are placed on the matching numbers. One dice can be played on one tile per turn.

When a tile is completely filled with matching dice, it’s flipped over to reveal a letter. Spelling out “Lucky Dogs” ends the game, and everyone wins! But be careful, because if all players lose their dice by rolling doubles or being unable to play the numbers rolled, the game is over.

2-4 Players, Ages 6+

Shiba Inu House

Every good doggie needs a good house, and it’s up to you and the other players to build one as fast as you can. This card speed game features shibu inu, a breed of dog popular in Japan, and all of them look happy to see you on just about every card.

Each player flips over a card to see the patterns on the house they’re tasked with making. Players then race to match both the dog sitting on top and the colors and shapes in the house as fast as they can, using the deck of cards in their hand.

1-5 Players, Ages 6+

Do you have a favorite game featuring cuddly canines? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image: Shiba Inu House, Renegade Game Studios

Other Images: Red Raven Games, Brainwright, Renegade Game Studios, and Peaceable Kingdom

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