These Cooking Games Pair Well With a Romantic Dinner For Two

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If there’s one must-do for Valentine’s Day, it’s a delicious dinner with your sweetheart. But forget fighting the crowds at a popular restaurant; a home-cooked meal is just as romantic and meaningful, and much easier on your budget. Use that extra money to pick up a tabletop game to play after dinner for a romantic evening in.

This Valentine’s Day, play one of these food-themed games after your intimate dinner to really make the night sizzle. These tabletop games can even give you a much more fun restaurant experience than actually leaving than house because you’re the boss. And you don’t even have to get dressed up.

Burger Up

Piece together the perfect burger (or grilled chicken sandwich, or veggie burger, or…) in this card matching game. The more ingredients you put together, the more money you earn!

Each sandwich must start with a bun at the bottom. Use the ingredients in your hand to keep building the burger, matching the top icon on the card you just placed to put the next one down. Build them higher and higher for more points, and if you’re really lucky, “perfect” ingredients will make it taste even better. Match the required ingredients to the top bun card to complete your sandwich. The culinary creations you make will look so good you’ll be craving burgers in no time.

2-4 Players, Ages 14+

Just Desserts

It’s up to you to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth in this card game from Looney Labs. In each hand you’ll have a few desserts to pick from to satisfy their cravings. Match the craving icon with the icons on your dessert card to find just the right sweet treat. If you’re fortunate, it will take just one card, but it may take two or three cards before your dessert hits the spot.

The game ends when one player has three guest cards of the same color, or five guest cards of different colors. Once you’ve mastered the basic game, add to the difficulty by introducing the included rule variations to make your victory even sweeter.

2-5 Players, Ages 8+

Menu Masters

You’re a world-class chef competing against your fellow culinary masters to create the best possible menu for your fancy restaurant. Get in line on Market Street to buy produce, meats, and baked goods to put together the perfect menu. But watch out: The more chefs in line for that ingredient, the higher the price goes.

Stand in line to buy the fresh ingredient you need, or purchase the shop outright to earn money to buy even more ingredients on your next turn. Completed menus give the chef stars, and the cook with the most stars at the end of the game wins. This worker placement game from Calliope Games gives you the chance to be a master chef—and a master troll, if you play to keep the other chefs from getting the ingredients they really want.

2-5 Players, Ages 8+

What’s always on your menu for game night? Tell us in the comments.

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