There are so many horror tropes that we cannot escape… not that we necessarily want to. And, while some of them involve haunted houses or killer dolls (hello, M3GAN), quite a few involve kids. As a parent, I get it. My kids have been prone to do (and see) some pretty scary stuff. Kids are very weird sometimes and that’s cool. But when they are creepy and possibly possessed by an evil entity? Whew. It is terrifying. That’s what we get in the first trailer for There’s Something Wrong with the Children, a film coming to digital and on-demand on January 17.

This Paramount Movies, Blumhouse Television, and MGM+ collaboration stars Raising Dion’s Alisha Wainwright as Margaret, who is not a mom to a kid with powers this time around. In fact, everyone in There’s Something Wrong with the Children seems very normal and human at the beginning of the trailer. Margaret and her husband, Ben (Zach Gilford), go on a weekend trip to get away from it all. The couple’s friends, Ellie and Thomas, along with their two kids, join them for a little fun at a cozy cabin in the woods. We all know that a cabin in the woods is the prime spot for something strange to happen. And it indeed does.

The group goes for a hike and stumbles across a very weird area with a deep tunnel. It gives Margaret the creeps and captures the attention of Spencer, their friends’ son. The next morning, the adults wake up to discover that the kids are missing. They find them, but Ben notices that something is… wrong with the children. Bleeding noses, sinister smiles, and more hint that their kids are gone, and these little people are imposters. Good times. Of course, their parents (and Margaret) think everything is cool until things go really, really left field. 

photo from there's something wrong with the children trailer of two bloody kids looking down with ominous smiles
Blumhouse/Paramount Movies

There’s also a very cool poster that is giving ‘80s vibes with the two children standing over cracking ground. We see them looking back at us while everything glows green. Interesting. 

There's Something Wrong with the Children poster
Blumhouse/Paramount Movies

There is indeed something wrong with the children, and this trailer sets up a wild adventure.

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