There’s Only One Blockbuster Left in the Whole World

Blockbuster was more than just a massive chain of movie rental stores. It was also a place for people to mindlessly kill 90 minutes on a slow night and/or see if they could ruin a relationship heatedly arguing over which film to watch.

However, that bygone relic of a time before home streaming is having a moment right now with Captain Marvel coming to theaters. Set in 1995, the film’s trailers have long teased Carol Danvers crashing through the roof of one of the formerly ubiquitous locations. That scene is even the basis for a viral commercial starring Kris Jenner and Lisa Rinne. And yet, alongside this brief shining light of nostalgia we must report some sad news: there will soon be only one actual Blockbuster still open in the entire world.

The latest blow to Blockbuster’s efforts to hold on will take way at the end of March. In news we came across at Mashable, one of only two remaining stores on the planet, a location in the Morley suburb of Perth in Western Australia, will shutter its doors, as the store is no longer capable of competing with streaming sites. That means only one single Blockbuster, a brave little store in Bend, Oregon, will be all that remains from a chain that 15 years ago boasted 9,000 locales.

If you are under the age of 25 you almost certainly have no idea what was so appealing about going to a movie rental store. There was no guarantee they’d have the movie you actually wanted to rent; if you forgot to return a film on time you had to take out a small loan to pay off the late fee; and half the time you left without a movie at all because your friend Joshua wasn’t “in the mood to watch a comedy.”And it was glorious.

So hold on Bend Blockbuster! You and our memories are now all that remain of one our favorite stores. Which is why you might want to reinforce your roof.

Featured Image: Marvel

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