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CAPTAIN MARVEL’s First Trailer Has an Awesome ’90s Action-Thriller Vibe

Every Marvel movie entails its own surge of excitement, be it the sort that inspires fan theories, personal empowerment, or the comparison of photos of Paul Rudd now to those of him 20 years ago. In the years since its official announcement as a member of the MCU’s feature lineup,  Captain Marvel has stirred up excitement of all sorts. We’ve been eager to see the first female-led superhero in a decade-old franchise, likewise the big screen debut of a comic book character who’s been thrilling readers since 1968, and of course the answer to a pre-disintegration Nick Fury’s expletive-laden cries for help.  Frankly, we’ve been eager to see  anything the film was willing to show us. And finally, we get that chance! Behold: Captain Marvel‘s first trailer.


The trailer, which dropped online on Tuesday morning prior to its scheduled debut broadcast on Good Morning America, gives us our first look yet at Carol Danvers in the flesh. As we can see, the film, which is set in the 1990s, veers toward the aesthetic of the action-thrillers by which cinema of the era is so defined. And as if that weren’t enough to capture the vibe of the era, we also get shots of Blockbuster video and a youngified Samuel L. Jackson as pre-Avengers Initiative Nick Fury.

All very exciting to see, especially since the MCU’s attempts at thriller (read: The Winter Soldier) have been so beloved by fans of the franchise.

But the thing we’re most excited for? Captain Marvel herself, who comes in the form of the amazing Brie Larson. In this quick look at the character, we get hints of badass, spirited, and all-around lively…

And yes, we’re already eager for more!

Images: Disney/Marvel

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