There’s a New Video Game That Lets You Experience Life as a Bee

Video games let us be anyone or anything we want, but a new simulator will help us escape our world by showing us what it’s like to literally bee.

This game will let players experience buzzing around “an extraordinary world of tiny creatures” where you pollinate flowers, make honey, search out food, protect the hive, and even fight wasps.

Bee Simulator from VARSAV Game Studios (which we came across at Mashable) takes place in “a world inspired by Central Park” in New York City, and players will be able to race other bees, collect pollen, and perform “waggle dances.” They will also have to fight off killer wasps and humans who pose a risk to the entire hive. It even comes with three different playing modes—solo, co-op, and split-screen—so you can fly or compete with friends, or you can tell them to buzz off so you can play alone.

The life of a bee sound stressful, but flying around to that relaxing music in a giant beautiful world makes us want to take flight even if we have to become just another nameless drone. Plus, if we’re being honest, we’d really like to have a stinger for when someone upsets us.

What’s the point of bee-ing if you can’t sting your enemies?

Bee Simulator will be available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch later this year.

What would you most want to do if you got to spend a day as a bee? Tell us in the comments section below what activity you’d be buzzing over getting to experience.

Featured Image: Bee Simulator

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