Students Created a Detailed Map of THE WITCHER’s Continent

One of my favorite things about  The Witcher on Netflix is that the show never slows down to explain anything. There’s too much going on to hold viewers’ hands, so you just have to figure stuff out as it happens. (Or hope your favorite pop culture site does it for you.) That includes where places actually are. The location of kingdoms, towns, and keeps are only spoken of in general terms. Nilfgaard can be found in the south, while Aedirn is one of the northern realms. However, the actual distance between places is nearly impossible to discern. But if you’re like me and only know of the franchise through the show, you now can learn exactly where everything is, how many people live there, and what kind of land it rests on. Students at Warsaw University have created a highly-detailed scale map of The Witcher‘s Continent.

Ciri wasn’t just far from her home of Cintra in season two of The Witcher. She was as far away as possible. Kaer Morhen is on the complete opposite side of the Continent from her native kingdom. A harsh reality I did not fully appreciate before seeing this map made by Warsaw University students. (Which we first learned about at IGN.)

But this highly-detailed map does more than show you how far apart places are. In addition to borders and distances, the map also denotes population density and topography. Unless a mage lets you portal somewhere, traveling most place in this world requires a long and tiresome trek.

Ciri is worn down and suspicious while in the woods on The Witcher

This accurate map also serves as an ominous reminder of what awaits Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri in The Witcher season three. This world might be massive, but there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Not when every kingdom is looking for you.

Of course, considering what we saw of another world in the season two finale, the Continent might still be the safest place for Ciri. Well, at least until The Wild Hunt arrives.

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