THE WALKING DEAD: THE ONES WHO LIVE Brings Gabriel Stokes Back and Kills Jadis

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It was almost inevitable that another character besides Jadis would make their return to this universe and appear on The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. The most likely appearance would have been either Heath, who was taken by the CRM, or Morgan, who left in search of Rick after years away. But no. The show did something rather interesting by bringing The Walking Dead‘s Gabriel Stokes into The Ones Who Live with a throwback storyline. It makes sense in a way due to Father Gabriel’s previous romance with Jadis. And now, he helps to bring her story to an end. That’s right, Jadis meets her death in The Ones Who Live, and the world is a brighter place. 

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes faces Jadis character in the ones who live the walking dead spinoff

How Father Gabriel Appears on The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start with Gabriel. The last time we saw Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead, he was living in Alexandria with Coco, Rosita’s daughter. He is seen in several flashbacks in The Ones Who Live before making a real-time (and remote) appearance. Father Gabriel opens this episode of The Walking Dead spinoff as he kills walkers in the Virginia woods before looking up at the sound of a helicopter. The next time we see Father Gabriel, it is three years prior to The Ones Who Live‘s current events. He’s gathering water when Jadis casually strolls up with her weird haircut. Gabriel is understandably shocked to see her after many years but welcomes conversation between them.

They begin to meet for a yearly date and Jadis asks questions to keep tabs on Alexandria and Michonne, unbeknownst to Gabriel’s knowledge. Jadis doesn’t tell him anything about the Civic Republic, CRM, nor Rick being alive. She comes to him to essentially confess her sins because, well, Gabriel is as much of a priest as you can be in the apocalypse. Gabriel also never tells her that he’s in a relationship with Rosita and even kisses her. He gives her the wedding band that Rick said he wanted to give to Michonne to serve the future plot.

Gabriel appearance in the walking dead the ones who live

Gabriel tries to invite her back to their home, saying that he knows Anne is still in there somewhere. But Jadis is too lost in the Civic Republic sauce. At first, it seems that Jadis kills Gabriel to not have any loose ends. But she allows him to live, as we see in the episode’s final moments. Blah blah blah, redemption arc blah. Whatever, we still hate her. Gabriel tries to have another picnic with her, but Jadis doesn’t show up because she’s dead. But how exactly does Jadis meet death in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live? Here’s what went down.

How Does Jadis Die in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live?

Close up image of Pollyanna McIntosh as jadis in the walking dead the ones who live, Jadis meets her death in the series

In the present day of The Ones Who Live, Richonne is having a merry old time in their stolen yellow truck. They find ramen noodles and a cozy cabin to hole up in. The pair even run up against a trio of people who are literally too stupid to live, beat them up after they try to rob them, and choose to let them go. Somehow, Jadis manages to track them down and wake them from their sleep. (No logic, just vibes.)

They have a cabin scuffle, during which Michonne hacks Jadis in her side with a hatchet. There’s a car chase before Jadis manages to get away and soon finds the aforementioned dumb trio. Meanwhile, Rick and Michonne argue about whether they should kill Jadis or not. Of course, Michonne is right and says Jadis must die. Jadis convinces the trio to help her trap Richonne, promising that she will take them to the Civic Republic.

This almost immediately fails as Rick and Michonne once again get the upper hand. The dumb trio dies by walker bites (seriously, how did they survive this long?!), and there’s a standoff between Jadis and Richonne. Rick and Michonne strike a fake deal with Jadis that Rick will go back with her as long as Alexandria is safe. (This extends to the Commonwealth too, technically, since Alexandria is with them. Rick and Michonne don’t know this.)

Michonne looks at Rick with worry in The Ones Who Live episode five

Jadis’ The Walking Dead Death Yields Some Important Information

Rick comes out, and Jadis draws a gun on him. But, shocker, Michonne draws a CRM weapon on her! A walker bites Jadis on the neck, putting her on the road to her The Walking Dead death, and Richonne kills the remaining walkers. Jadis gets her final redemption speech, expressing sadness about the people she lost to two people whose lives she’s ruined for years. The important thing is that Jadis tells Rick and Michonne that the dossier about Alexandria is at the Cascadian Base in Oregon. She tells them to destroy it and go home and asks them not to bother the CRM. That’s not enough for Michonne. She says they will get the Echelon Briefing and leak the dark secrets to the Civic Republic so they can stage a rebellion. (Haha, I was right!) 

Rick shoots Jadis to keep her from turning. The duo leave, and Rick proposes to Michonne for a heartfelt ending to this episode. Now, they will have to go back to Oregon to retrieve that document. This works well considering that the city of Portland is already against the CRM/Civic Republic, which we previously saw in The World Beyond. The city got a warning from the Endlings about what could happen to them. If the remaining two cities—Portland and Philly—can rise up, this could be the most epic battle in this universe’s history.

There’s only one episode left of The Ones Who Live, so we are either getting a season two or things will resolve in some future crossover event. For now, Richonne has to once again escape with General Major Beale and Pearl Thorne still standing in their way. At least Jadis is dead and Gabriel lives another day in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. God is real.

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