Who Survived THE WALKING DEAD Series Finale?

The Walking Dead is officially done. It is so wild to actually type that sentence after 12 years and 11 seasons in this apocalyptic world. Of course, we know that The Walking Dead universe will continue on through its spinoffs with a few well-known survivors. But so many people (even those who haven’t watched in years) were curious about the show’s final episodes. Comic fans knew that things would be incredibly different with characters leaving and deviating wildly from the source material. How would things finally end at the Commonwealth? What would happen to Alexandria? And, most importantly, who survived The Walking Dead to hopefully live on in peace? 

In the show’s final moments, we get a heartfelt glance back at the many, many people who died throughout the show’s seasons. But the list of survivors who made it to the end to see a new version of this world is shockingly long. Let’s get into it! 

Note: This list will only cover the major characters that we have a connection with who are on this particular show. Some of the other characters will get wrapped into those we have known longer. Obviously other people made it but it would take another decade to list them all. 

Spoiler Alert

Carol Peletier

Carol from the walking dead sits outside in finale survivor survived until the end
Jace Downs/AMC

Well, it is obviously not shocking that Carol survived The Walking Dead. Carol isn’t heading off into the world with her bestie Daryl to see what’s out there and search for Rick and Michonne. But come on… did anyone really think Carol would die? It is nice to see an original Walking Dead character be a final survivor alongside her BFF for one of TV’s greatest platonic friendships ever. She’s at the Commonwealth, being the boss leader she’s grown to be over the years. And she, along with a few others, bid Daryl goodbye and good luck as he takes off into the world. 

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead sits on his motorcycle in finale survivor survived episode
Jace Downs/AMC

Again, not a surprise at all considering he’s getting his own spinoff series. Daryl gets a nasty black eye and gives blood to save Judith’s life in the finale. And, a year after discovering that Michonne went in search of Rick, Daryl takes off into the world to see if he can find both of them. He doesn’t have a lot to go on, but if anyone can locate a person without modern tech, it’s this loner and tracker. 

Eugene Porter

Eugene porter in the walking dead finale
Jace Downs/AMC

Who would have thought that Eugene would be the sole Walking Dead survivor from his original group? It’s been many years since Abraham died at Negan’s hands and, tragically, Rosita dies in the finale from a walker bite after saving her daughter’s life. She always has, and always will, deserve better than what she got. Eugene gets a pretty happy ending, marrying Max and having a daughter that he named after his fallen friend. Like Carol, this guy has come a very, very long way from the first time we met him. Enjoy life at the Commonwealth, Eugene. 


Aaron, Jerry, Luke, and Lydia walk with walker herd in the walking dead
Jace Downs/AMC

Now, this one is a bit shocking because he’s gone through so much. Aaron made it through the final battle at the Commonwealth and back to his daughter Gracie in Alexandria. It’s assumed that the community will still have a council but he’s undoubtedly the leader in that space after, well, most if not all of the original people there have died. 

Father Gabriel

Father gabriel stands with a bloody face the walking dead finale survivor who survived
Jace Downs/AMC

Father Gabriel is now a single father to Coco after Rosita’s death. It appears he’s living in Alexandria with her, a community that once again looks quite lovely. 


Lydia stretches her hand out walking dead
Jace Downs/AMC

Lydia survived The Walking Dead and Elijah is by her side as her boyfriend. Of course, she’s the only one from the Whisperers to remain alive, which I am totally fine with. Please let this girl—and the whole fam—have some freaking peace. 


Jerry sits on a stoop and looks away walking dead
Jace Downs/AMC

It was looking kinda sketchy for Jerry, who went missing for a beat. But our funny and fierce fighter is officially a Walking Dead survivor who made it back to his wife Nabila and their children. Jerry deserves all the good things in the world and chose to stay at Alexandria alongside Gabriel and Aaron. 

Magna, Yumiko, Connie, & Kelly 

Connie Kelly Magna Yumiko walking dead survivors hold a door to keep walkers out
Jace Downs/AMC

In terms of The Walking Dead survivors from their OG groups, this collective actually fared very, very well. The death of Luke was quite tragic in this episode but the other four made it to the other side. I guess he will be with Jules, a woman we barely knew, in the afterlife. Unfortunately, the Donnie relationship never came to fruition but both Daryl and Connie are doing what they should be. She’s staying at the Commonwealth with her sister and gal pals to make sure the administration stays honest. And Daryl is on the road for a solo adventure. 

Judith and RJ Grimes

Judith and RJ run towards something with Ezekiel trailing behind
Jace Downs/TWD

Judith and RJ are both survivors in this walking dead saga, even though we nearly lost the former to a gunshot wound. I tell ya, those Grimes kids are as tough as 50 Cent. You can’t keep a little a**kicker down. Judith finally told Daryl and Carol about the very real potential of Rick being alive, which is a game changer for everyone. 

Rick and Michonne Grimes

split photo of Rick and Michonne Grimes the walking dead season finale survivors
Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Again, we already knew this because of the spinoff. However, we weren’t sure if Rick and Michonne would return to The Walking Dead in its final season. And thankfully, they both did, with Rick on the run from (and captured once again) by the CRM. Meanwhile, we see a present Michonne rocking some incredible new gear as she heads towards a large group in parts unknown. They both read heartfelt letters about their family, both blood and chosen, to close out the show’s final episode. 

Maggie Rhee

maggie stands in alexandria in series finale
Jace Downs/AMC

Maggie is also a survivor because, well, she’s got a The Walking Dead spinoff series, too. Please give her all the things after she’s lost so much. Everyone gets a show, apparently. Maggie’s in a pretty good place, hanging out at Alexandria with her son Hershel Rhee. However, we discover through her conversation with Carol and Daryl that Maggie wants to explore the world and see what else is out there now that they have stability. We know she will link up with Negan, whom she hasn’t quite forgiven but no longer wishes to be angry at. (A fair place, tbh.) Let’s see how it happens in Dead City

Negan Smith

Negan looks away pensively in the walking dead finale survivor who survived
Jace Downs/AMC

Negan makes it to the final moments and he’s truly a different person. Maggie will never forgive him for what he did to Glenn but says that he and his wife Annie have “earned their place” among the group. Still, he avoids a family dinner and walks off. And, we don’t see him when the show jumps forward a year later. Did Negan stay? If not, where did he and Annie go? According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s interview with EW, Negan left to start his family with Annie. But we know that at some point he will end up with Maggie again. That doesn’t bode well for his new family…

Mercer and Princess

Princess and Mercer walking dead finale
Jace Downs/AMC

This relationship is so delightful, so thankfully they both made it. Mercer is now the Lieutenant Governor of Alexandria alongside its new leader Ezekiel. Having them in power makes sense considering the Commonwealth is Mercer’s original home and Ezekiel led the charge to fight for the community’s lower class residents. And Princess? Well, she’s happy for her man and having a great time. Love that for her. 


Ezekiel the walking dead addresses commonwealth
Jace Downs/AMC

Ezekiel went from being fraud-ish and a character to a fully realized and vital part of The Walking Dead. While he lost the Kingdom and many of its people, he gets to lead once again at the Commonwealth. 

Pamela Milton 

Pamela Milton accepts defeat in walking dead finale
Jace Downs/AMC

Pamela’s reign of classist terror comes to an end when her soldiers have had enough of her foolishness. She tries to take herself out in the vein of Carol’s comic death but alas, Maggie shoots walker Sebastian and forces Pamela to have to live with her actions. Now, she’s a prisoner. Good for her. 


Dog sits on the ground in the walking dead
Jace Downs/AMC

Yessss. Daryl’s dog named…Dog survived The Walking Dead! A true legendaric icon. But the road is a bit too much for this canine, so Judith will take care of him until Daryl returns.

There are a few loose strands that never got a resolution. What the hell happened to Oceanside? Did they all die at Lance’s hands? We will likely never know since the show is over. And, Virgil also seemingly vanished to never be seen again, much like Heath did years ago. Oh, The Walking Dead. You and your shenanigans will be missed. May peace and prosperity reign forever in the Commonwealth and Alexandria for all those folks in The Walking Dead who survived it all.

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