THE WALKING DEAD Teases Season 10B’s Upcoming Action

The Walking Dead is on its winter hiatus but that doesn’t mean the apocalypse chatter is stopping any time soon. The mid-season finale ended with a bleak cave cliffhanger, unresolved issues between Carol and Ezekiel, no Lydia/Negan update, and a Michonne quest that will likely take her away for a couple of episodes. All of these issues (and more) are going to be over-analyzed and discussed because, well, that’s what Walking Dead fans love to do. And now, there’s even more to discuss after AMC dropped Season 10B sneak peek, premiering February 23, to preview what could happen next.

The clip jumps right into action with Gamma inside of Alexandria’s walls. She warns them the Caryl dummy mission crew are trapped in a cave with Alpha’s hoard. Hmmm. Does this mean that Gamma is trustworthy? It almost seemed like she set the group up before but this move makes her motives seem more genuine. There’s really no reason why Alpha would send her to relay this information. Of course, Gamma goes before a very suspicious council who have to decide if they can trust anyone post-Dante.

The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere Michonne

Rosita even remarks that she doesn’t know if this is real. There’s a very intense scene of Rosita turning around to find a Whisperer standing over baby Coco. This might be a figment of her imagination due to paranoia and grief. Or, this might be a part of a real Whisperer attack and explain why she is hitting something with a bat later in the trailer. Gamma makes it back to Alpha, who says that the enemy is watching them. It’s still not clear if Alpha is on to Gamma or not, but one person might be – Negan.

He makes a random appearance and tells Alpha that the spy she is looking for is within her camp. Negan was missing in the mid-season finale but he will play a bigger role in this second half. It would be interesting to bring Lydia back into the mix and have Negan kill Alpha to protect Lydia. Negan walks into a clearing alone with Alpha for some reason and is seen with his shirt off so something is going down between them. Speaking of Lydia, she’s not in this trailer at all. She won’t simply disappear like Heath back in Season 7 so we will have to wait to see what she’s been up to.

Beta is doing his own thing with a weird side mission. He runs into a random RV straight from Breaking Bad (the theorists are gonna have a field day with this one) and appears to jump down a hole. There’s a glimpse of a bearded man at the bottom that has to be Beta without his mask. What is he doing down there? What is in that RV? He later makes an appearance in what looks like Alexandria, which cannot be good for anyone. He may have planned a sneak attack with some other Whisperers and walkers.


Michonne also has several curious clips in this teaser. We see her on a different (and much bigger) boat than the one she left Oceanside on with Virgil. She is also wearing different clothes so it’s probably not a scene from her arrival to Bloodsworth Island. It’s speculated that Michonne will leave The Walking Dead in episode 12 so perhaps this is from her final appearance.

She could be on her way back to Oceanside – or setting off on her new adventure to find Rick. There’s also a shot of her killing walkers on a random road and donning her infamous hood and walker chains. The last part could be a flashback to her former life during her farewell but it would be much cooler if she adapted that survival instinct again in the Whisperer conflict. No matter what, please don’t let Michonne die. PLEASE.


There are also some obvious and not-so-clear clues about the cave predicament. Daryl tells Carol that he cannot trust her and that they fight for the future and not revenge. Yeahhhh right. Right now, three people in that group are safe from death. Daryl gets his repaired vest from Judith and swinging a spiked ball in front of survivors with metal shields so he’s good to go (as if anyone doubted this). We also see Aaron with the armor so he certainly survives. This scene definitely happens at Hilltop and would be a great time for Maggie to decide she cares again and come home.

And, there’s a scene with Carol and Ezekiel together as well. Are they talking about Ezekiel’s diagnosis or Jerry’s death? It could be both. Jerry is stuck trying to get out and lets out a horrific scream. It seems to obvious for them to show his death in the clip but it’s not impossible. Connie, Magna, and Kelly are not in the trailer so their chances aren’t looking too great either. Kelly still seems like she might not make it through this situation.

In the end, Alpha is bloodied and bruised, fiery arrows fly from the Whisperer side, and Rosita leans in to possibly kiss Eugene. Is this the scene of Alpha’s beheading? Or, is this her after killing someone else? What is going on with Rosita and Eugene? It’s pretty clear that the Whisperer conflict will meet a resolution in the last half of Season 10. Let’s see who makes it out alive and how Michonne’s TV story ends.

Image Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

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