THE WALKING DEAD: DEAD CITY Teaser Reveals Why Maggie and Negan Join Forces

If you’d told The Walking Dead fans back in season seven that Maggie and Negan would have an entire show together, we would have reacted in one of two ways. The first would have been simply looking at you like you had two heads and four eyeballs. The other one involves potential physical sparring after suggesting such a nonsense idea. But that’s exactly where we find ourselves now with The Walking Dead: Dead City, a spinoff series coming in June 2023. We know a bit about its location and new characters, but a new Dead City teaser reveals more about why Maggie and Negan come together. 

In the clip, Maggie’s son Herschel is kidnapped by an evil smirking dude. We don’t see Herschel clearly, but he’s certainly older than he was at the end of The Walking Dead. This lines up with the show taking place a couple of years after the flagship show’s ending. Maggie tells Negan that he is the key to getting his son back in the Dead City teaser. Now, it isn’t clear what that means right now. Perhaps Negan has some connection to the show’s big bad.

Maggie holds a knife to Negan's neck in the walking dead dead city
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This same person (or group) could have done something to Negan’s wife, Annie, and their child, who don’t seem to be in the picture anymore. He does look rather forlorn in The Walking Dead: Dead City teaser, tbh. Or, maybe Negan is up to some suspect behavior that led to Herschel’s kidnapping. But either way, Maggie is only linking up with Negan to get her son back before death befalls him. And he owes her that much and more after killing Glenn many years ago on The Walking Dead. (No, I will not let it go.) 

It is a great extended mission that makes sense for a miniseries. And it will surely tie into finding out more about Rick in some way. Oh, walkers are also “falling from the sky,” so that’s great fun too. Let the countdown to Maggie and Negan’s adventures in the dead city begin.

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