THE WALKING DEAD: DARYL DIXON Trailer Reveals a Mission to Revive Humanity

Daryl Dixon, France, mysterious nuns, potential murder, a revival, and a mission involving a kid named Laurent. That’s what we are getting with The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, the highly-anticipated spinoff heading our way on September 10. We have gotten quite a few teasers and first-look photos of Daryl’s unexpected trip to France that left us with more questions than answers. Thankfully, an official The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon trailer made its debut at SDCC 2023 and we have a little more clarity about what he will face in France. 

In the trailer for this The Walking Dead spinoff, Daryl Dixon reveals to a nun that a string of bad decisions led to his new locale. And it seems that there is a group that’s been waiting for his arrival. Why? He’s the “messenger” to deliver Laurent, a kid who has some sort of importance. It feels kinda reminiscent of the relationship that Joel and Ellie have in The Last of Us. However, the powers behind The Walking Dead have always maintained that this world is not about finding a complete cure. (No, that radiation treatment in Fear the Walking Dead doesn’t count.) Maybe they are singing a different tune now.

Of course, nothing is ever simple for Daryl Dixon. In the trailer, there’s someone trying to hunt Daryl down and kill him. We know this won’t work because 1) he’s Daryl Dixon and 2) this show is getting another season. But it is always fun to see him fight his way out of deadly predicaments.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon official trailer clip of Daryl wearing suspenders and a sweater while shooting a gun

Towards the end of the Daryl Dixon trailer, we learn that there’s some sort of “revival of humanity” going on that Daryl will lead. Also, in equally important news, Daryl is wearing suspenders and a sweater. This is a good look for him. It seems Daryl will be a very important figure in France. Whatever mission he is going on, he will be victorious. I believe in you, Daryl Dixon.

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