How the Umbrella Academy’s Powers Compare to the Sparrows’ Abilities

The Umbrella Academy‘s new season brings on even more chaos and bickering between our favorite siblings. We also got a whole new Academy of super beings, this time under a new name: The Sparrow Academy. The Sparrows are seven, just like the Umbrellas we have come to know and love over the past two seasons. And they have a wholly different power set, some of which are on par with the most powerful members of the Umbrella Academy. How do the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy’s powers line up? And is the Sparrow Academy more powerful than their Umbrella counterparts? Let’s compare them in sibling order.

Sparrow Academy versus Umbrella Academy in season three powers
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Number One: Luther vs. Marcus

We know Luther as a strong, hulk-like figure, whose physical strength is practically unmatched by anyone. However, as we see in the first episode of this season, the Sparrow Academy’s Number One, Marcus Hargreeves, may actually be the match Luther did not see coming. While we don’t see much of Marcus (unfortunately), his strength seems on par with Luther’s power. However, Marcus had the upper hand because of his technique in his faceoff against Luther. Judging simply by their powers though, they seem evenly matched.

Number Two: Diego vs. Ben

The Umbrella Academy’s Number Two, Diego Hargreeves, is one of the less super-powerful but more skilled hand-to-hand (or knife) fighter of the original timeline’s Hargreeves siblings. The Sparrow Academy’s Number Two, however, is a different (and meaner) version of the original timeline’s Ben Hargreeves (where he’s number Six). Sparrow Ben can summon an eldritch creature from within him, which is a greater power than Diego’s fighting. But Diego and his trajectory manipulation (which some consider a form of telekinesis) abilities also give him a decent edge in a fight, but not enough to counter Ben’s creature. 

ben, alphonso, and jayme from sparrow academy along with christoper the cube
Number Three: Allison vs. Fei

As we know, Allison Hargreeves can manipulate anyone by starting a sentence with the phrase “I heard a rumor.” In Season 3, Allison’s powers develop further with her manipulating events without her usual starting phrase. The Sparrow Academy’s Fei wields the power to summon crows from within her to attack her opponents. We see Allison overpower Fei by telling her “I heard a rumor you can’t move” in the first episode. While Fei’s power is quite intimidating, Allison’s ability to manipulate anyone, along with her not having to say “I heard a rumor” anymore gives her a significant advantage over Fei. Allison for the win.

Number Four: Klaus vs. Alphonso

The Sparrow Academy’s Alphonso exhibits powers that let him reciprocate whatever his opponent does to him with equal force. Allison tried to punch him and instead that force ricocheted back at her. And when Stan threw a knife at Alphonso, he got cut in the same exact place on his leg. However, Klaus Hargreeves, who can communicate and summon the dead, also discovers a new aspect of his powers this season: immortality. Based simply on powers then, Klaus would definitely be more powerful, simply because he just can’t die. It’s too bad that we didn’t see them go head to head in the end because, well, Alphonso didn’t last long.

Klaus surrounded by a ton of ghosts Netflix Umbrella academy sparrow academy powers
Number Five: Five vs. Sloane

Our original timeline’s Five is one of the most powerful members of the Umbrellas with his ability to jump through space and time as well as fighting skills. But Sloane’s powers to manipulate gravity could be a close match for Five’s teleportation. We don’t really get to see them face off, though. Sloane did hold her own against one of the guardians in Hotel Oblivion, and against Viktor, who is the most powerful of the Umbrellas. Sloane’s gravity-defying powers are impressive. Still, Five held his own quite often against other members of the Sparrow Academy, so he is the more powerful of the two.

Number Six: Ben vs. Jayme

The original timeline’s Number Six was Ben, but the new timeline’s version is Jayme, who is capable of spitting venom that can cause hallucinations to whoever it hits. Although Jayme’s hallucinations can be powerful, we do see the newer timeline’s Ben face off against Jayme, with Ben nearly winning against her. With the creature inside of him, Ben is more powerful than her, but Jayme is a skilled fighter too.

viktor's powers coming to life in umbrella academy season three trailer
Number Seven: Christopher vs. Viktor

Umbrella Academy fave Viktor—who can convert sound into energy—managed to knock out every member of the Sparrow Academy on his own. He is without a doubt the most powerful of the Umbrella Academy with only Five having a chance at stopping him. Viktor is more powerful compared to Christopher, the Sparrows’ Number Seven with telekinetic abilities. However, Christopher also absorbed the Kugelblitz into himself for some time, so if it came down to a fight between the two, he would be a worthy opponent. Unfortunately, Chris the Cube is a goner.

Honorable mention: Lila

Although not originally a member of the Umbrella Academy, Lila also deserves a mention. Her unique power set is extremely clutch: the ability to mimic anyone else’s powers. This enables her to be nearly as powerful as Viktor, if only for a shorter period of time. Lila’s powers do have one limitation though, she can only mimic one person’s powers at a time. She is definitely one of the more powerful new members of the family. 

photo of five holding hands with lila as they time travel umbrella academy powers
Is the Umbrella Academy More Powerful Than the Sparrow Academy?

As a whole, the Umbrella Academy is more powerful than the Sparrows. But the Sparrow Academy had one thing the Umbrella kids didn’t have: discipline. That’s how the Sparrows got the upper hand on them in the first episode, after all. With Viktor’s powers apparently being limited only by his own stamina, it is likely that the Umbrellas would prevail against the Sparrows in any fight scenario. By the end of the season, however, the Umbrellas are the ones who all survived up until the end of the world. Only Ben and Sloane made it to the end from the Sparrows despite their refined powers. So it looks like the Umbrellas won after all. Never bet against the Brellies.

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