The TWIN PEAKS Theme Performed in SEINFELD-Style is Way Too ’90s

Twin Peaks and Seinfeld are really two sides of the 90’s television coin. One one hand, Twin Peaks is a dark look at murder, and on the flip side, Seinfeld isn’t about that much at all. Where the two iconic shows overlap, though, is in music. In very different ways, music is an important part of the show. While the Twin Peaks theme song is dark and moody but also optimistic, Seinfeld‘s musical introduction is famous for the goofy oddity of its synth bass and mouth sounds.

These two songs probably shouldn’t be mixed together in any way, but somebody went and did it anyway. The result is surprisingly coherent, but let’s not forget that it’s also very, very silly ( via BoingBoing).

The original Twin Peaks theme reflects macabre but hopeful life in a small town, and here, even though it’s played with the iconic slap bass sound, that vibe still shines through. It’s odd in nature, yes, but in execution, it’s more effective than you’d think. It goes to show that the Seinfeld song was upbeat and kooky because it wanted to be, not because it was limited by its oddball instrumentation.

We’re not sure how this was made, but if it was anything like how the original Seinfeld music was made, it must have been a real process. What do you think of this super ’90s mash-up? Would Agent Cooper approve, or do you not want to even consider that because a fictional character knowing that he’s in a TV show that has a theme song would be way too meta? Let us know what you think!

Featured image: ABC, NBC

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