THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE Post-Credits Scene Teases Sequel

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It wouldn’t be a franchise movie without a post-credit tease! Even animated family films can’t resist the urge to tease. And as merely the first in a years-long plan for Nintendo films, The Super Mario Bros. Movie sets up a universe rather nicely. We already know a reported spinoff for Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong is in the works. But what of a second Mario Bros. movie? Well, the very brief post-credits scene gives us a little idea of at least who to expect.

The first teaser poster for Super Mario Bros.
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With Bowser captured, shrunk, and Peach’s royal pet, what problem could Mario and Luigi have to deal with in the sequel? After the credits, we the camera flying through the endless web of pipes in the sewers under Brooklyn. (I’d like to speak to the city planner about this, by the way. Seems like a labyrinth was a weird choice.) Eventually the camera finds the green pipe which sucked Mario into the Mushroom Kingdom in the first place. In front of it, we see a familiar white egg with green spots. It begins to crack open when we cut to black.

Now, obviously this points to Mario’s second green ally, Yoshi. The dinosaur conveyance first appeared in the 1990 game Super Mario World and has since been a mainstay of the franchise. That game moved the action from the Mushroom Kingdom to Dinosaur Land, which had its fair share of dangerous enemies and villains. This isn’t the only appearance of a Yoshi in the movie, of course. Earlier, during Mario, Peach, and Toad’s journey, they pass a herd of multicolored Yoshis out in a field. But none of them were the Yoshi.

Artwork for 1990's Super Mario World features Mario, Yoshi, and Bowser falling out of his weird flying clown machine.

Super Mario World, and Super Mario Bros. 3 before it, also featured Bowser’s seven kids as world bosses. It might be a good way to up the ante with all of them trying to free their dad and Mario and company needing a Yoshi for help. Not to try to write the next movie, but that’d be pretty rad.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is in theaters now.

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