THE SUICIDE SQUAD Cosplay Brings Weasel to Life (Yet Again)

The Suicide Squad‘s Weasel had an interesting big screen introduction. The child-killing creature joined a team of fellow bad guys to do some good. Only, no one thought to check if he could swim. The hairy biped didn’t even have a chance to get slaughtered in a setup. He didn’t make it out of the ocean alive; despite Savant’s best efforts, Weasel drowned off the coast of Corto Maltese. Maybe. Either the whole thing was a ploy or his weird body is a medical marvel. Because an end credits scene showed the werewolf-like beast alive and well. And yet, that unexpected resurrection isn’t even the most impressive example of a Weasel return. Without any motion-capture technology and CGI, a cosplayer brought the strange to life.


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TikToker rhyleep95 says she received numerous requests to make Weasel her next cosplay mission. Fortunately for all of us she chose to accept that mission. All it took was a plastic mask, some modeling clay, paint, duct tape, wool, a blanket, and some hot glue. Oh, yeah, and a whole ton of talent and ingenuity. You can’t just go to Michaels and walk out with an amazing custom Halloween costume.

If you think you do have the necessary skills needed to pull this off, this video doubles as a great tutorial. The end result is so much more than the components that went into it. It’s also appears to be the single most fun thing you can do. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cosplayer laugh so much while making a piece. Apparently turning yourself into a sentient walking weasel is even more entertaining than watching someone do it.

A cosplayer in her mask and then full costume as Weasel from The Suicide Squadrhyleep95

We don’t know what the future holds for The Suicide Squad‘s Weasel. But we’re glad he survived the film. Not because the world needs another villain, though. We hope to see him with a different look in the sequel so we can see what kind of cosplay opportunity he brings back.

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