THE STATE Virtually Reunited for “Porcupine Racetrack 2020”

Something amazing has happened. The entire cast of MTV’s cult classic sketch comedy series The State used their quarantine time to virtually reunite. And they gave a hurting world two needed gifts—the gifts of comedy and music—with a 2020 rendition of the song “ Porcupine Racetrack.”

“Porcupine Racetrack 2020” is a Zoom-ified rendition of the group’s iconic sketch. It originally aired (against the wishes of network executives) during The State’s third season in 1995. All 11 members of The State reunited (virtually, of course) for this fantastic social distancing-inspired version. That includes dancing David Wain, Kevin Allison (dressed exactly like we’d expect him to be), Michael Ian Black, Ben Garant, Todd Holoubek, Michael Patrick Jann, Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, and Michael Showalter. And the song’s original musical arranger and composer Theodore Shapiro joined in on piano.

The end result is even better than we’d hope, which is really saying something because “Porcupine Racetrack” is one of our all-time favorite sketches from any show. If you have never seen the original, your life has been incomplete until now.

We have some questions about this 2020 version. Did Tom Lennon have the old porcupine suit in his closet all this time? Did someone else in the group mail it to him? Or did he make or buy a new one? Also, can we have the suit? Please?

And can The State keep creating videos for us to watch while we’re practicing social distancing? Social distancing is necessary to protect our family, friends, and neighbors from COVID-19, and it’s the best way we can help the brave medical professionals who are working every day to save lives. But being forced to stay home all the time isn’t always pleasant… so more comedy from The State team would make it a whole lot better.

Featured Image: David Wain/The State

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