The 5 Best KIDS IN THE HALL Sketches

Subversive, legendary, and way before-its-time, the Canadian sketch comedy series The Kids in the Hall just announced that they are making a comeback on Amazon Prime. All the original cast members will return for a new season, and we hope, so will some of their classic sketches and characters. Although there are way too many brilliant sketches from the five year, 102 episode original run, here are our top five. In no particular order, of course, because any one of them could qualify as the funniest.

Buddy Cole

For a series that had such a strong LGBTQ sensibility, the only actually queer cast member was the incredible and hilarious Scott Thompson. Although he did several recurring sketches on KITH, his pièce de résistance was always Buddy Cole. Buddy was a gay socialite who had many, many stories to tell about his personal life, and many opinions on the gay community. We can only imagine what what Buddy has to say about gay life in the age of legal marriage and Grindr. Bring it on, gurl!

The Dr. Seuss Bible 

This was a one-time only sketch, and we’re surprised they got a way with even this one back in the ’90s. People are touchy, shall we say, about mixing comedy and religion. And they almost certainly would have never gotten away with making this one in the States. Even so, this sketch was even censored in Canada, and only aired on HBO. But thankfully we now all can see these three glorious minutes of cast member Dave Foley in a Cat in the Hat getup telling Bible stories in Seussian style thanks to YouTube.

Thirty Helens Agree

This short sketch that opened many episodes of KITH during its first season. The joke is basically just this—thirty unremarkable, usually older ladies all named Helen stand out in a field and give their opinion on a given subject. In unison of course. Trust us, it’s more hilarious than it sounds. And they’re not wrong with their opinion about coleslaw. Time has only proven them right on that one. We eagerly look forward to what the Helens of 2020 have to say on the subject of everything.

The Chicken Lady

Played by Mark McKinney, the Chicken Lady was the offspring of a human farmer and a hen. Exhibiting an obsession with all things sexual, Chicken Lady’s unquenchable lust usually resulted in her exploding into feathers when getting too aroused. This is one of the most puerile and ridiculous of the KITH recurring sketches, but also one of the funniest and most quotable. McKinney eventually transferred over to SNL when KITH wrapped, where Chicken Lady made only one appearance. SNL didn’t know an awesome thing when it was staring them right in the kisser.

Head Crusher

Another Mark McKinney recurring character, Mr. Tyzik, a.k.a. the Head Crusher, is a sad and pathetic man who hates and mock everyone, especially if he deems them better looking and more successful. So he vents his frustrations by pretending to crush their heads from a distance with his fingers, using forced perspective, while excitedly yelling to himself “I’m crushing your head! I’m crushing your head!” Somehow, Mr. Tyzik predicted every internet troll there was over 25 years ago.

Featured Image: CBC Television

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