THE SIMPSONS Short “Playdate With Destiny” Coming to Disney+

Pixar’s Onward was only in theaters for a couple of weeks before movie theaters across the globe shuttered their doors. Fortunately audiences didn’t have to wait long for another opportunity to see the film. It quickly made it’s way to video on demand, including being made available for subscribers on Disney+. But if you didn’t get a chance to see the movie on the big screen, you missed out on another great film—an animated short aired before it, as is custom for Pixar releases. And Onward‘s special showing marked a monumental moment for the Mouse House. It featured the first project from The Simpsons since Disney bought Fox. “Playdate With Destiny” told a sweet tale about Maggie and her playground crush. But don’t worry if you missed it, because it is now coming to the streaming site.

The gorgeous short will be available to watch on Friday, April 10. Disney+ announced the film’s release on the site with a handwritten note from The Simpsons‘ creator Matt Groening and the rest of the show’s staff.

“Playdate With Destiny” stars the family’s littlest member, Maggie. She becomes enamored with young Hudson after the two meet at the park. What follows is a mix of imagination and classic Simpsons shenanigans. As well as problems. Their love story is interrupted by—who else—Homer. His parenting skills leave a little something to be desired.

The short was the third theatrical release for The Simpsons. Previously Springfield’s most famous residents made it to the big screen in 2007’s The Simpsons Movie and the 2012 short The Longest Daycare, which was also about Maggie. But “Playdate With Destiny” marks the first time the show produced a special project under the Disney banner.

And because of that merger you can watch Onward after. We can’t go to the theater, but at least we can recreate the experience. It’ll be like having our own Movie Night With Destiny.

Featured Image: Disney

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