The Rules Girl Teaches Tabletop Game Rules In Practically No Time At All

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Our collective love of tabletop gaming is one of the uniting features behind Geek & Sundry. But we know that for some geeks, learning the rules of a new tabletop game can sometimes be a difficult barrier to overcome. Certain games are definitely easier to get into than others. The rise of YouTube instructional videos has gone a long way to help change that, and the recently launched channel, The Rules Girl, is one of the best ones yet!

As noted on The Rules Girl’s channel description, the goal of her videos is to provide an “ultra-concise board game rules explanation” that will allow players to “learn popular board games in 5 minutes or less.” So far, she’s lived up to her promise with videos about Codenames, Small World, Carcassonne, and Secret Hitler. The Rules Girl scripts and narrates her own videos, while using limited animation, specifically chosen music tracks, and a touch of humor to cover the basic info of each game and describe the way each title is meant to be played. For novice gamers, these videos could be especially helpful. It also worth noting that each video is also very entertaining to watch!

On the rare occasion that one of the videos contains a mistake, The Rules Girl has updated the description of the video with a brief explanation. And it’s nice to see that she’s already taking constructive feedback from her viewers. We’re certainly impressed by the videos that she has released to date, and we’re eager to see which titles will be covered by The Rules Girl in the near future.

To stay on top of The Rules Girl’s latest updates, you can visit her YouTube channel and subscribe to it.

What do you think about The Rules Girl’s instructional videos? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Credit: The Rules Girl

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