Learn How to Play THE ROCKETEER Game and Save the Future

Here at Nerdist we love two things: The Rocketeer ( it deserved better) and two player tabletop games. We’re all for games for large groups, but sometimes it’s nice to just grab a buddy and dive in. Funko Games’ The Rocketeer: Fate of the Future brings the things we love together with its heroes vs. villains gameplay and gorgeous art inspired by the 1991 Disney film. In the newest How to Play, host Becca Scott walks you through The Rocketeer board game step by step.

You can choose to play heroes or villains. The Rocketeer, a.k.a Cliff Secord, leads the heroes’ party, which includes Cliff’s girlfriend Jenny and airplane mechanic Peevy. The nefarious Hollywood actor Neville Sinclair serves as the ringleader for the villains’ group. That includes the henchman Lothar and gangster Eddie Valentine. Each group’s objective? To secure all of the blueprints for the jet pack and to make moves to acquire points as the game progress.

Becca Scott in front of The Rocketeer board game for How to Play


As you can see in How to Play, this battle for the blueprints (and the future!) plays out over The Rocketeer‘s Los Angeles locations. Designed by Prospero Hall for Funko Games, the art deco imagery is beautiful. Make sure you appreciate the details on each locale and also on all the cards. Each location comes with certain benefits that will help you gain the upper hand. You move around the various spots in each round of turns. And while it’s your turn, you play the cards you want and pick from the cards’ abilities or actions. Maybe you’ll fight and try to knock your opponent out. Or maybe you’ll try to steal the blueprints.

Players have only a limited number of rounds to score as many points as possible. Once the zeppelin reaches Los Angeles (which current events cards dictate), the game is over.

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